1 The main idea

There are quite a few useful crosslinguistic databases are publicly available:

The extraction and manipulation of those datasets is not always straightforward, especially not in R!

  • important exceptions:

I would like lingtypR to:

  • make useful datasets readily availabe in R
  • provide functions that make common tasks easier and faster

2 Installation

For now, the package is still in development and it lives on gitlab. It can be installed using the devtools package.
This page will be updated along with more information and examples.

3 add_glottolog(), add_wals(), add_apics()

A function to add information from a database to a typological sample.

  • data: a dataframe of a language sample (requires a column language or glottocode)
  • by: adds glottolog info by = "language" (default) or by ="glottocode" (and by="wals_code" for add_wals())